Stop Creating Content That Doesn't Rank & Convert, When You Can Own Your Niche With Topic Clusters

Have you noticed competitors with lower authority (and likely fewer links) outranking you? Did you try going after their same keywords with no real results to show for it?

You need to level up your content marketing game by thinking in topic clusters.

Rule The SERPs With Topic Clusters is a course for both beginners and the more advanced site builder who wants stop chasing keywords and dominate an entire niche.

✅ - No more chasing standalone keywords

✅ - No more thinking a topic is too big for your site

✅ - No more wondering why lower authority sites are kicking your ass in the SERPs

I'm sharing the exact methods and processes that I use to find awesome topic clusters that are the key to owning niche after niche in the SERPs.

Sure, you've probably seen plenty of people talking about how important keyword research is when it comes to having a successful site.

But it's not just about basic keyword research.

At least not these days.

You used to be able to target a few different buyer keywords, like best running shoes and best smart watch, and then just sit back and watch the traffic and money roll in.

Targeting content like that doesn't work as well these days unless you spend a lot on backlinks, and even then the results can be subpar.

I make most of my income from my sites, and in the last 12-15 months I've seen tremendous growth with the sites I've been doing topic clusters on.

This course covers exactly how I've transformed my content marketing plans for my sites.

❌ - No time wasted looking at your rank tracker and wondering why you're not ranking

❌ - No confusion on the type of content that works

❌ - No fancy tools needed, but I'll show you the ones that work.

You probably don't have time and money to waste when you build a site, and neither do I.

Right now there's probably some holes in your content strategy, and this course is a blueprint on how to plug them and prevent new ones from showing up.

This course isn't just about topic clusters, it's about implementing a content framework that builds a moat around your site.

If you're not already doing topic clusters properly, then this is going to change the way you build and plan sites.

This content strategy works with both affiliate site and non-affiliate sites. You can even use it if you have a SaaS, ecommerce, or service-based site.

I find that you get the best results when you're prepared to create (our outsource) a LOT of content, but I've also seen good results with topic clusters of 30 posts.

Ready to level up your content game?

Let me help you out!

Disclaimer: Of course, I cannot guarantee that you'll have the same success as me, but I will help you as much as I can.