Why Waste Time On A Niche That Might Work When You Can Pick One You KNOW Works?

Until a few years ago, I was picking niches for my sites in the same tired ass way.

  • what's something I'm interested in?
  • what's something with high value products on Amazon?
  • what's something with a high commission rate?
  • what's something I saw a "successful" person in a Facebook group talk about?

You might still be picking niches this way.

And that's okay...for beginners.

But I'm not a beginner. And I'm guessing you're not either.

So, let's level that shit up!

Success-Focused Niche Selection That Works is a course for the more advanced site builder who wants to go into a niche knowing that it's gonna be a sweet ride to the top.

✅ - No more wondering if you picked a good niche

✅ - No more worrying if you're wasting time and money

✅ - No more wishing you'd picked a better niche

I'm sharing the exact methods I've been using to create successful sites right outta the gate.

Most of these methods are things that I've NEVER seen anyone talk about.

One of them I mentioned when I was interviewed by Doug Cunnington.

One of them I shared once in my private Facebook group.

All of them are shared right here in this course.

But here's the thing - these methods are not your usual guru bullshit.

❌ - No complicated spreadsheets to analyze the niches

❌ - No assigning scores to niches to find the best ones

❌ - No tools to grade niches to pick the winner

Honestly, who has time for that nonsense?

Not me!

I'm firmly on Team Lazy and Team Lazy is all about finding the perfect intersection of high ROI, low effort, and zero bullshit.

This course isn't just about finding success-guaranteed niches, it's about what to do with this goldmine.

I break down my entire process of finding awesome niches and deciding which one is going to be my own personal pot of gold.

Then I give you tips on how to level that shit up.

If you're ready to stop worrying about the unknowns, then let me help you pick a niche that you already know will be successful for you.

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Lessons In This Course

Hey, I'm Shawna!

I've been making affiliate sites for more than a decade now and in 2019, I used the money that's been rolling in from those sites to move to Amsterdam from Las Vegas (hence the pic you see).

I break down my process for finding awesome niches that guarantee success in this here course.

Even if you don't want to move to the Netherlands and take goofy pictures, I think you'll earn some sweet monies from your site that lets you do other cool stuff.