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Don't Build Sites As A Hobby, When You Can Flip Them Like Real Estate As A Business

I flipped my first website in early 2014 and realized that it could be a business model instead of a one-time thing.

All I needed to do was figure out how I could churn out sites the way that McDonald's churns out those Big Macs.

Since that first website sale in 2014, I've gone on to sell 30+ sites (and counting) that I've built all by myself.

In 2016, I sold a whopping 12 sites that one year.

Website Flipping for Site Builders Quick Masterclass is a course for both beginners and advanced site builders.

It covers everything I know about building and flipping websites and maximizing your profit.

✅ - How to start a site with the highest selling multiple in mind

✅ - How to grow and scale a site ASAP

✅ - How to boost your sales multiple before you list the site

✅ - How to prepare for a quick & easy sale

✅ - How to sell the site at the price you want

I'm sharing the exact processes and methods I've been using to regularly build and flip sites for years.

These are things that I've learned by trial and error and then fine tuned to crank out sites that I flip regularly.

❌ - You don't need a team to do this

❌ - You don't need any fancy tools or software*

❌ - You don't need to hire a website operator to manage the sites

I don't maintain a team of VAs or employees - I never have.

I'll show you how to have a successful build and flip model with a team of one - YOU.

But hey, if you're firmly in the "build a team" camp, then you can still use these tips...but you might see less profit than us teams of one 🤷

This course is about taking your site building skills and turning them into a well-oiled machine that cranks out sites and flips them.

But don't worry if you're new to site building - these tips just put you ahead of all the other noobs.

I share every single thing that I know about building sites to flip - from which brokers I prefer to work with (and why), to what to watch out for when selling a site so you don't get taken advantage of, to how to sell the site without a broker, to negotiation tips.

If you're ready to stop building sites as a hobby, then let me show you how to turn it into a business.

*Please note that while you can successfully do this without expensive tools, I do recommend Ahrefs ($199/mo) and a 7-day trial of LinkResearchTools ($17 for 7 days) for the best results. Cheaper alternatives include: (free) ($55/mo), (free trial, then $50/mo).

This course is closed for enrollment.

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